What better way to explore the region than with a birds-eye view from a towering rock formation?

Home to many geological wonders, the Pikes Peak region is filled with incredible and unique rock formations that people can climb, explore and photograph. With numerous destinations to choose from like Garden of the Gods Park, Red Rock Canyon Open Space and North Cheyenne Cañon, you will have endless rock-solid selfie opportunities and adventures to remember your trip to Colorado Springs. We’ve broken down our favorite spots to get you in a harness even faster!


  1. Drive it, horseback ride it, climb it and hike it at Garden of the Gods Park, the number one “must-see” park in the country. Grab a map at the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center because trails and rocks traverse this park at every turn.
  2. Defined by a series of ridged red rocks formations, Red Rock Canyon Open Space is a beautiful area filled with biking trails, climbing areas and mild-to- wild hikes. Trek the many trails leading up to the magnificent bedrocks overlooking the city.
  3. Filled with evergreen trees and sky-high rocks, North Cheyenne Cañon offers a scenic journey through Pikes National Forest. Drive along the winding mountain road, hike the trails adjacent to the rocks and check out Helen Hunt waterfall, cascading down the canyon. The view is amazing and worth the short hike to capture that picture-perfect Colorado photo.
  4. Located in the center of Colorado Springs, Palmer Park has activities for any taste. With numerous geological points of interest, you can picnic after a mountain bike ride through the park, stroll through the multiple trails and climb over the rocky areas.
  5. Not the outdoorsy type but still want to rock climb? Get your belay on at City Rock for climbing in a gym, located in Downtown Colorado Springs. A great place whether you’re a beginner and climbing aficionado, City Rock has a number of routes and classes to fit all abilities. After your climb, grab a pint at their onsite bar – The Ute & Yeti.

Be aware that climbing any rock formations requires proper equipment and free online registration with the City of Colorado Springs ( Going up without equipment may look easy, but getting down is where it gets tricky!

There are many respected and experienced rock climbing guides and outfitters who can literally show you the ropes of outdoor rock climbing in Colorado Springs. We also have some great indoor rock climbing venues.  What’s more, they frequently offer deals and coupons for climbing packages so that you can reach the apex without breaking the bank.